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Sterling Silver Chains 

Our three most popular small sterling silver chains are the 025 Silver Round Snake Chains, 015 Silver Box Chains, and 150 Silver Bead Chains.  These three sterling silver chains are a great price point and are excellent for most small to medium weight pendants and charms. Some customers use these silver chains for specialized charms, lampwork beads, crystal pendants and more.  They also work well for projects such as gifts for church functions, school functions (especially sports with a sports theme charm), charity events, dance recitals, and entire class graduations gifts. To see our full line of charms, visit our sister site -

We have a rather wide variety of silver chains to choose from.  Our most popular men's silver chains are Figaro, Marina, Curb, Fancy Figaro, Open Link, Anchor, Round Marina and Rope.  Our silver necklaces exclusively for women include Omega, Round Omega, Bismark, Bizantine, Fancy chains and several types of bead chains.  With such a large selection of silver chains, you can find many gift ideas as well as great additions to your own jewelry collection.

     Basic Sterling Silver Chain - Necklaces and Bracelets

Round Silver Snake Chain

Silver Box Chain

Diamond Cut & Oval Silver Snake

Silver Square Snake Chain

Silver Bead Chain
(toilet chain, dog tag chain)

Small Silver Fancy Bead Chain

Silver Diamond Cut Rope Chain

Silver Anchor or Large Rolo Chain

Single Strand Silver Bead Necklaces

Silver Graduated Bead Necklaces

Multi Row Silver Beaded Necklaces

Oval Bead Chain

Silver Bismark Necklaces

Silver Round Omega Wires

Fancy Circle Bead

Sterling Silver Herringbone

Scattered Bead Chain
Bead with Box Chain

Open Link Chain

Spiga or Wheat Chain

Singapore Chain

Silver Curb Chain 
Pendant, Medium and Large Sizes

(also called Cuban Link Chain)

Silver Figaro Chain
Pendant size to very large

Silver Flat Marine or Marina Chain

Fancy Figaro Chain

Bizantine Necklaces

We have a great selection of sterling silver chain.  Here are some quick links:

Silver Round Snake Chain
Silver Square Snake Chain
Silver Diamond Cut Snake Chain
Silver Oval Snake Chain (similar to Herringbone)
Silver Box Chain
Silver Box with Bead Chain
Silver Diamond Cut Rope Chain
Silver 1+1 Chain or Small Bead Chain
Silver Bead Chain with Spacers (also called toilet chain or dog tag chain)
Silver Continuous Bead Chain
Silver Multiple Row Bead Chain
Silver Graduated Bead Necklaces
Silver Scattered Bead Chain
Silver Bizantine Chain
Silver Bismark Chain
Silver Round Omega Wires
Silver Flat or Regular Omega Necklaces
Silver Herringbone Chain or Magic Flex Chain
Silver  Figaro Chain
Silver Flat Marina (sometimes called Gucci, Marine Link or Mariner) Chain
Silver Fancy Figaro Chain
Silver Curb or Cuban Link Chain
Silver Anchor Chain
Silver Round Marina Chain
Silver Pendant Chain
Silver Rolo Chain
Silver Singapore Chain
Silver Wheat or Spiga Chain
Silver Openlink Chain

Please note throughout the site that gram weights and measurements are approximate. 
If you need to know in inches the size of a piece of jewelry, click here - Millimeters to Inches