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Sterling Silver Beaded Multi-Row Necklaces and Bracelets

The special design of these beaded bracelets creates a wide continuous silver look without losing any flexibility.  Tiny silver beads are soldered together in rows to create a unique and flexible style.  These bracelets feel great when worn and are very durable.  They make great gifts.  The V shaped beaded necklaces create a very stylish effect.  Matching beaded necklaces and bracelets are available in each style.   Buy in quantity for our best wholesale sterling silver chain prices.
You can mix sizes and lengths to get to your quantity discounts. 

180 Bead 3 Row Necklaces and Bracelets - 5.5mm
Our smallest size of silver beaded row necklaces and bracelets.  This type of silver jewelry make great gifts for birthday or graduations.  They offer an alternative to the traditional bead bracelets while giving a wider silver bracelet or necklace effect.

16" (11.8g) - Qty   
18" (13.3g) - 
7" (5.2g) -
8" (5.9g) -
1 to 11 Pieces
16" - $35.40 each
18" - $39.90 each
7" - $15.60 each
8" - $17.70 each

180 Bead 4 Row Bracelets - 7mm
Our most popular size is the 4 row silver beaded necklaces and bracelets.  These silver bead bracelets are made up of 4 rows of tiny silver beads soldered together.  This creates the illusion of fluid silver and makes the silver beaded bracelet lay  nice and flat on your arm.  The effects of these rows of silver beads also creates a soft romantic jewelry look.

7" (6.7g) -
8" (7.7g) -
1 to 11 Pieces
7" - $20.10 each
8" - $23.10 each


180 Bead 5 Row Necklaces and Bracelets - 8.9mm
This size bead bracelet has five rows of tiny silver beads for a smooth wide beaded bracelet look.  A popular size, these look great especially as bracelets.  

16" (19.6g) - Qty   
8" (9.8g) -
1 to 11 Pieces
16" - $58.80 each
8" - $29.40 each

180 Bead 4 Row V Shaped Necklaces and Bracelets - 7mm
A great style, this silver bead necklace and bracelet forms a V at the end.  This helps the silver necklace to lie wonderfully while creating a unique style.  The matching silver beaded V bracelet is an eye catching piece.  These make great birthday, anniversary or graduation gifts.

16" (15.2g) - Qty   
18" (17.0g) - 
7" (6.1g) -
8" (7.6g) -
1 to 11 Pieces
16" - $45.60 each
18" - $51.00 each
7" - $18.30 each
8" - $22.80 each

Please note throughout the site that gram weights and measurements are approximate. 
If you need to know in inches the size of a piece of jewelry, click here - Millimeters to Inches