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Sterling Silver Riccio Bracelets
Riccio bracelets are one of my favorite styles!  These Italian made bracelets have a sparkle to them and show up really well.  They have a slinky feel and are heavy enough to feel good on your arm.  A thin riccio can be worn for casual and work wear while a wider Riccio can really dress up an outfit for an evening out.  All of these bracelets are stamped Italy and .925.  
You can mix widths for quantity discounts.

This size sterling silver Riccio bracelet works well for casual and corporate wear.  It makes a great inexpensive yet classy gift for birthdays, graduation, Mother's Day or anniversary.  This bracelet as well as the seven row Riccio are great pieces to compliment a Prom dress.
RICW 5 Row - 7" 
Weight - 10.3 grams
Measurement - 5mm
7" - Quantity: 

This seven row sterling silver Riccio bracelet also works well in casual settings.  Great for summer wear on tanned skin.  Often teenagers and the younger generation will choose this style.
RICW 7 Row - 7"
Weight - 13.9 grams
Measurement - 6.5mm
7" - Quantity: 
RICW 7 Row - 8"
Weight - 15.1 grams
Measurement - 6.5mm
8" - Quantity: 

The Riccio style of bracelet has a laser cutting design of arrows all going in one direction.  The way these bracelet are made allows them to really sparkle in all sorts of light.  These wider pieces are often used to really dress up an outfit.  They reflect the light well so they show up under low light conditions and really sparkle with the light that is available.  For this reason, they are often worn to events at night such as concerts, plays and charity events.   This size bracelet has a matching V necklace.
RICW 9 Row - 7"
Weight - 16.9 grams
Measurement - 7.5mm
7" - Quantity: 

The eleven row sterling silver Riccio bracelet is not so wide that it can't be worn for in the business world.  It is a great medium size Riccio bracelets.  This Riccio is versatile as you can wear it just about anywhere.
RICW 11 Row - 7"
Weight - 18.8 grams
Measurement - 9mm
8" - Quantity: 
RICW 11 Row - 8"
Weight - 24.2 grams
Measurement - 9mm
8" - Quantity: 

This thirteen row sterling silver Riccio bracelet is stunning.  At almost 1/2" of solid sparkling silver, it is great for night wear.  This piece looks very classy and very expensive.  Often retailing for over $100.00, these Riccio's are also a bargain.
RICW 13 Row - 7"
Weight - 23.2 grams
Measurement - 10.5mm
8" - Quantity: 
RICW 13 Row - 8"
Weight - 27.5 grams
Measurement - 10.5mm
8" - Quantity: 

This wide sterling silver Riccio bracelet is definitely for special occasions.  This is a gift that will really surprise her.  It is a very noticeable piece and looks very expensive.  These wider Riccios have a large lobster catch making them very easy to clasp.  This larger lobster catch goes well with this style of bracelet that is so showy.
RICW 15 Row - 7"
Weight - 26.1 grams
Measurement - 12mm
8" - Quantity: 
RICW 15 Row - 8"
Weight - 31.0 grams
Measurement - 12mm
8" - Quantity: 

Please note throughout the site that gram weights and measurements are approximate. 
If you need to know in inches the size of a piece of jewelry, click here - Millimeters to Inches