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Sterling Silver Onyx Bracelets

Multi Colored Gemstone Bracelet
MS342 - New multicolor gemstone bracelet featuring onyx and lapis 4mm beads with
sterling silver beads and clasp.  This bracelet has blue, orange, black and red beads for a great
multicolored look.  Only available in 7" - 10.3 grams -



Silver and Onyx Toggle Bracelet
MSB1 - Sterling Silver and Onyx Toggle Bracelet - 7" - $23.10
If you don't like silver stretchy bracelets, this onyx and silver toggle bracelet is a great alternative.  This silver onyx bracelet is made the same as the stretchy with 6mm onyx beads and silver caps on the outside of each bead.  It is finished with a sterling silver toggle and is 7" in length.   Many customers personalize their onyx bracelet by adding a sterling silver engraveable disk in the shape of a heart, circle, square or oval.  Weighs approximately 15.8g. 


Please note throughout the site that gram weights and measurements are approximate. 
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