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Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Bead Bangles
These bead bangles have a light and airy look and feel to them.  They have a series of beads at the top along a 2mm solid silver wire stopped by a silver bar so that they are stationary at the top.  The bangle is finished off with solid silver beads on the ends.  These bangles are somewhat flexible and will twist apart so that you can put them on.  They are easy to put on and easy to wear.  They can be pulled apart slightly to accommodate different sized wrists.   These silver bead bangles work best for 7" and 8'.


FS116 - DC Bead Bangle
One of our favorites, this silver bead bangle has lots of sparkle.  This silver bracelet features four swirl laser cut 6mm beads alternating with six diamond cut mirror beads.  The effect creates lots of sparkle right on top of your bangle. 

$25.50 each


FS116R - Diamond Cut Red Bead Bangle
Add some color and class to your wardrobe.  A great alternative to costume jewelry, this silver and red bead bangle is perfect to compliment casual or work outfits.  This bangle features four 6mm red beads alternating with six 4mm diamond cut mirror beads.  This bracelets looks great with black outfits.  

$25.50 each


FS116L - Diamond Cut Blue Bead Bangle
A popular turquoise color, this bead bangle adds color to your wardrobe.  This bangle features four 6mm beads alternating with six diamond cut mirror beads.  This bangle makes an exciting gift. 

$25.50 each


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